Saturday, 14 May 2011

Narrative_Teddy Bear Time

When a visitor to Bearborough last  year forgot to put on her watch, she  asked some local bears the  time and  she got some strange answers. "Half past three," the bear who sells  fruit and vegetables said, glancing up at the Town Hall clock. "A quarter to nine," the bear in the  bakery replied, looking at the clock high on the church. "Nine minutes after fi  ve," the bear  who sells ice cream on the corner of the main street said, peering at the clock in  front of the train station. You have probably guessed that all the clocks in Bearborough were wrong.  That was because old Mr Minim, the  only clock mender in town, had become  a little shaky on his legs. Although fit  and well in every other way, he simply could not face climbing up a ladder to  mend clocks high up. As you can imagine, the clocks really were a problem. The trains were never on  time, and the shopkeepers didn't know when to open their shops.Then, one day, Bearborough had two very special visitors. They were bears called Alfred and his friend Jumble-who was an elephant! Now most bears in Bearborough had never seen an elephant before, so they all gathered round. And the elephant, pleased to show off his size and strength, wrapped his trunk around each of the little bears in turn and lifted them up high, squealing with excitement.

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