Saturday, 14 May 2011

Dialoque_Care about the Environment

Sinta doesn't go to school because she is sick. She is consulting
a doctor about her sickness.
Sinta  :  Good morning, Sir.
Doctor  :  Good morning. What can I do for you?
Sinta  :  Yes, doctor. I couldn't sleep well. Could you
examine me?
Doctor :
. Okay, open your mouth!
      When did you feel that you have a problem
with your sleeping?
Sinta  :  About two days ago, and then I also had a
Doctor :  Okay.
Sinta  :  Yes, but it sometimes happens.
Doctor  :  Err ... you just have a fever. Don't worry.
Sinta :

      Doc, may I go to join a test tomorrow?
Doctor  :  Why not? You are not seriously ill. Now take
a rest and take a lot of nutritious meals and
drinks. Don't forget to drink these medicines
after meals.
Sinta : Alright.
 that I'm not seriously sick.
Thank you.
Doctor :  You're welcome. Get better soon.

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