Saturday, 14 May 2011

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Bloody Pursuing It happened just before one o'clock Friday morning on a stretch of US-220 near the Franklin County line.The pickup that police were pursuing showed evidence of the gun battle... so did two patrol vehicles back at the Roanoke County Public Safety building. One officer was injured and one man at the pickup was dead. The pursuit began when an offi  cer tried to stop the driver for speeding, but investigators say they don't know why he opened fire.
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Twins Rays Today The Minnesota Twins have had Southwest Florida all to themselves since the Red Sox left for Japan last week. But the Twins run is also coming to a close. Today's game against Tampa is the next to last at Hammond stadium this spring.Bottom one, two on for Delmon Young. He shoots one to left, but it's misplayed. John Mover scores easily from second, but then a throwing error results in another Twins Run coming Minnessota leads two zip.Top three, some score, two out. Livan Hernandez moving alright for a big man. Shows off the soccer skills as he kicks the ball to Justin Morneau at fi  rst. Six innings, just one run earned for Hernandez. Twins  end up winning 4-2. Next spring, the Rays will join the Twins and Red Sox in Southwest Florida when they move spring camp to Charlotte Country.

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