Monday, 23 May 2011

Procedural text, How to see things (simple microscope experiment)

Here, you will look at a range of optical instruments used to extend people’s ability to see things.
● Hand lens
● Tripod magnifier
● Flowers
● Fresh, hairy leaves

● The hand lens is an instrument for giving magnifications of from 5 to 20 times. Look at one of the flowers with your unaided eyes.
● Now use the hand lens to examine the same flower.
● List all the details you can see now that were not clearly visible to your unaided eye before.
● What magnifications does the hand lens you are using give?
● Now place a leaf beneath the tripod of your tripod magnifier and adjust the height of the lens by screwing it up or down until the object is in focus.
● What magnification is provided by the tripod magnifier you are using?
● What details can you see about the leaf which were not clearly visible t your unaided eye?

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