Monday, 23 May 2011

Procedural text, How to Make a Pulley

● At least 2 points around which to loop the string, e.g. sticks (approx. 2 cm wide and 30 cm long), table legs or chair legs.
● Strong non-twisting string, twice the length of the distance to be covered.
● At least 1 carrier of a suitable size to carry message, e.g. small, light box.
● Masking tape
● At least 2 operators

● Measure the distance between the two points.
● Cut the string to twice this distance.
● Loop the string around the points.
● Tie the ends of the string in a knot so that the string is stretched firmly between the points.
● Attach the box/boxes to the string with masking tape.
● Test the pulley out by the operator pulling one side of the string.

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