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English Speech-Bid'ah

English Speech

Assalamu alaikum wr, wb.
Honorable English Teacher, and all my beloved brother and sister of accel class.
All praise is due to Allah, the lord, master, creator and also the destroyer of everything in this world, cause Allah SWt we can get happy meet in this time. Sholawat and salam be upon to the noble prophet of islam, Muhammad SAW, and to his family, friends, companions, and and to all his people until the end of time, amen.
Before I starting to speech,  I say thank you for the time given to this speech. and in this occasion, I will give a speech about bid’ah.
as where we know that bid'ah in Islam means an act which was never ordered nor exemplified by Prophet Muhammad SAW, but many people do this now. The law of this xxxxx is forbidden. The act referred to is new or additional actions in connection with worship in the strict sense (worship mahdhah), namely that certain religious terms and the harmonious.


Allah Ta'ala says:   "(He is God), Creator of heaven and earth." (Qs2: 117)

Words  of    اِبتدع فلانٌ بدعة  What it means: He has pioneered a way that has never been that preceded it.
Words of     هذاأمرٌبديعٌ    Meaning: something that is considered both good has never been like before. From understanding the meaning of language such as that taken by the scholars of bid’ah.

     So create new ways in order for others to follow is called bid’ah (in terms of language).
     Something that had not been breathing jobs do people also called the innovation (in terms of language).
     What's more a case resting on the affairs of worship (religion) without any arguments syar'i (Al-Qur'an and Sunnah) and no instance (can not find the case is) at the time of the Messenger sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam then this is the meaning real bid’ah.
By considering these definitions would seem that basic signs for bid’ah by the Syariat restrictions that can be raised to within a few points below:

1.       That bid’ah is to conduct a new case in religion. The conduct of a case that is not intended to religion but merely intended for the realization of worldly serious benefits such as conduct industry and the tools just to get the benefit of the worldly man is not called heretical.
2.       That bid’ah all disgraceful (Hadeeth Al 'Irbadh)

Bid’ah is a huge violation of the law beyond the limits of God in making the Syariat, because it is clear that it believes violate the Syariat perfection

So in general it can be seen that all bid’ah in matters of worship / religion is unlawful or prohibited kaedah usul fiqh that the legal origin of worship is forbidden except when there is not appropriate command and also use the term bid’ah hasanah if associated with worship or religion as views of the people, but still relevant when related to new things as long as it be a purely mundane matters such as people used to travel by camel now with the car, then this car is the language of bid’ah, but bid’ah is not bid’ah in the term definitions Syariat and the example of using a spoon to eat, a car, a microphone, the aircraft flew in the present which was not there this is the essence of bid’ah hasanah. And examples of no other case is part of the case Ijtihadiyah

 I think that is enogh, thanks for your full attention.

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