Monday, 23 May 2011

Narrative, Donald’s New Hat

One day, Daissy decided to buy Donald a new hat. “Your hat is so old-fashioned!” she said. “Come on, I’ll buy you a new one.”
Donald knew that Daisy was right, so he agreed to go to a hat shop. As they went in, Daissy took off his old hat. “Hey, what’s going on?” asked Donald.
I’m taking off your old hat because it’s so ugly. We don’t want the assistant to see you wearing it, do we?” said Daissy. Donald just said. “Er … no, … I mean, you’re right, we don’t”
In fact, Donald was very fond of his old hat, although he didn’t mind getting a new one if Daissy paid for it. The trouble was this: there wasn’t any hat in the shop that Donald liked. He tried many hats, but he felt that all the hats looked silly on him.
The shop assistant was getting tired of serving Donald, but he took another hat and showed it to him. “What about this one, Sir? I’m sure you’ll like it.”
“I quite agree!” said Donald happily. Do you know why? Because that hat looked exactly the same as his old one! Poor Daissy, she wasn’t very happy, but she had to pay for that hat. She promised she would buy a new hat for Donald, didn’t she?

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