Monday, 23 May 2011

Narrative, The King’s New Clothes

Once there was a king who loved new clothes.
One day two men came to the castle and told the king, “For two bags of gold, we are going to make you some beautiful, magic clothes. Only you are going to be able to see them.”
The king was very excited. The men said, “Your clothes are going to be finished in two weeks, on July 14.” The king went to his calendar and marked July fourteenth to be a holiday. “Everyone is going to celebrate my new clothes with me,” he said.
On July sixth, the king went to see the two men. They worked fast and hard, but the king didn’t see any clothes. The men said, “Remember, these are magic clothes.”
On July fourteenth, the king’s magic clothes were ready. After two men helped the king get dressed, the king rode into town. He wanted everyone to see his magic clothes. The people were surprised. There were no clothes to see! A small boy said, “The king isn’t wearing any clothes!” The king looked at himself and quickly rode back to his castle. He looked for the two men, but they and the gold were gone. “I was very foolish,” said the king.

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