Monday, 23 May 2011

Narrative Text Turtle and Anansi

One day Turtle stopped to rest at the house of Anansi, the Spider. Turtle was tired and hungry. It was dinner time, but Anansi didn’t want to share his food. Anansi saw that Turtle had dirty feet, so he sent him to the lake to wash before dinner. Anansi then ate all the food.
When Turtle returned, there was no food left for him. Turtle was hungry as he left. But he invited Anansi to visit him some day.
Months later, Anansi came to see Turtle. Turtle invited Anansi to dinner. He then went to his underwater home to make the meal.
Anansi put rocks in his coat to make himself heavier. He jumped into the water and swam down to Turtle’s house. Turtle asked Anansi to take off his coat before he ate. When Anansi took off his coat, he floated up to the top of the lake. Turtle smiled and ate all the food.

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