Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Art_Cipari's statue

Effect to society
  Made by : Ikbal Agustian and Nova Nurul Mustopa
Can remind the community to keep everything that has been given by god
1. Mouth
  God gave us mouths to be used properly. Not to talk about the ugliness, ridicule, prejudice, and not for sex. But are used to communicating well, praise, and pray.
2. Anger
God also gave us anger peg just to test the human eye to keep patience and resignation in the face of trials that have been granted. But not for melampiaskanny, and as if we became the proud.
3. Lust
In Addition to Providing oral and anger of god, god Also Gave us lust or desire, as God made man as a leader on earth. But it is not Used to make the relationship is not good. For example, We use our passion to do the crime, adultery, and others.
Can be a wealth of culture for the surrounding community in particular and for society generally brass.
For the communities, of course paseban statue has become its own riches. other than as a reflection of culture, is also used as seren taun tradition, which usually carried on by the farmers as a sign of gratitude to the creator who has given wealth to the farm. Besides tu, the statue there is also paseban flagpole used for various ceremonies, or ceremonies of independence.
As for the brass, the statue paseban is often used as a means of recreation because it included as one of the original culture of brass, and its structure is unique and interesting. In addition, also used as a means of cultural arts education. For example, as one of the goals of the task of fine art in brass. For example students SMA Negeri 2 Kuningan classes that implement X.10 paseban research on the sculpture, which also contains the history, meaning, purpose, development, and effects for the community

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