Thursday, 28 July 2011

Announcement_security regulations

In accordance with the international security regulations, the following items are never allowed to be taken onto a plane by passengers, either in their carry-on bags or in their checked luggage: weapons, including knives and guns; explosives, including dynamite and fireworks.
The following items may be placed in checked luggage but not on carry-on bags. Tools, including hammers, screwdrivers and wrenches; sports equipment such as golf clubs, baseball bats, skis and ski poles.
When you pass through the security line, all bags will go through our X-ray machines and some bags will be manually checked by personnel, as well.
Thank you for your cooperation. Have a safe and pleasant flight.
What is the announcement about?
a. Weapons and explosives
b. Item brought on carry-on bags
c. Welcoming foreign passengers
d. An international airport security regulations
e. A warning to passengers from different countries.
… can’t be brought onto an airplane.
a. Knives
b. Ski poles
c. Wrenches
d. Screwdrivers
e. Basketball bats
“When you pass through the security line, all bags will go through our X-ray machines.” (paragraph 3)
The underlined part of the sentence above means…
a. All bags will be sent to the X-ray machines.
b. All bags will be moved to the X-ray machines.
c. All bags will be delivered with X-ray machines.
d. All bags will be packed next to X-ray machines.
e. All bags will be checked by using X-ray machines.


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