Thursday, 31 March 2011

English_how to be successful


Made by : Nova Nurul Mustopa ][ X.10 ][

how to be successful are:
  1. we must have three brains or dexterity. The first is that intelligent brains where we can master the material and theory to life. The second is emotional intelligence, which is where we can control ourselves. the latter is the cleverness of religion, which is where we can control the passions and can become a god-fearing people to God the mighty one.
  2.        to be learned from the three brains had had a row. namely that the first must master the cleverness of religion, we must first master the cleverness of religion because religion will be the basis and shield us from the temptations of the world. next is emotional intelligence. someone who can control their emotions, will surely be successful. by mastering the emotions, we will also be able to master how to interact with others. the latter then we study the intellectual cleverness. why intelligence should be the last and not of precedence? because if we study the first intelligence, intelligence that has no intellectual foundation and guidance, so it is likely, we'll get lost in the practice of science that we have.
  3.         after that, we just choose a way of life. for example we will choose our way of life as a servant of the state, namely representatives of the people, or we want to become a successful businessman. then in living our way of life, must be accompanied by a few points. including:
    1. Prayer
    2. endeavor or effort
    3. resignation or surrender to god.

we must be diligent effort. as if we will live for thousands of years. and a way of life on the way, we will be successful and liked by many people ....

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